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Specialists in the Health and Wellness
of Children and their Families

Our Services At a Glance

Classroom Monitoring

Federal Review Preparation

Early Childhood Consulting

Compliance Assessment

Customized Staff Trainings

Health and Safety Assessments

Presentations & Webinars

Social Emotional Services

Disabilities Consultation

Let the BMHSCM team impress you with our
premium level of guidance & standard of care!

Experts in Child Development

Childcare Organizations Advisers

Our services increase the opportunity for organizations like yours to SUCCEED by providing the training, support, and resources you need.

Within Our Hand-Picked Team You Will Find:  

  • Over 80+ years of experience combined 
  • Diverse and expertly-trained clinical staff 
  • A wide range of therapeutic approaches 
  • Tailored plans & resources for individuals & agencies  
  • Flexible scheduling & client-centered approach 

Ingrained in our services you will find: 

Experienced Team
Always Listen
Correct Approach
Expert Advice
Flexible Scheduling

A Closer look at some of our Common services

Sharing Our Passion For Children and Families

We love providing support to our community-based HeadStart, preschool, & daycare programs!

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Program Compliance

Is your organization in danger of losing funding due to hidden non-compliance issues? We make sure your program is compliant with all your funders and stakeholders.  

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Proposal Reviews

Successful proposal writing can be the difference between receiving consistent funding and each year struggling to stay afloat. Tap into our team of expert grant writers. 

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Class & Daycare Observations

Teachers are amazing, but they are not experts in identifying social-emotional issues. BMHSCM’s expert staff provides guidance inside of the classroom. 

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Child Development Trainings & Assessments

Early childhood development is a crucial time that impacts the rest of a child’s life. We implement the most progressive knowledge in childhood development theories and learnings.

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Mock Federal Reviews

Programs funded by the Office of Head Start can receive a mock OHS review by trained OHS reviewers. Receive guidance and suggestions BEFORE your onsite OHS review. 

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Webinars & Workshops

Speaking services for Professional Conferences that focus on Child Development, Mental Health, Ways to support families, Dealing with disfunction, and other topics.  

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Supporting Special Needs

No longer can children with disabilities be overlooked in the planning and development of childcare programs. However, integrating this component can be a challenge. Let our experts help. 



The core of all high functioning childcare organizations are its teachers  & staff. When highly trained it means a high functioning organization. It also ensure all members keep their credentials current. 

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Health/Safety Training & Reviews

We provide training and safety reviews based on OCFS and Head Start safety protocols for staff on active supervision, cleaning regiments, and all requirements of OHSS 1302.47.

Each organization we collaborate with is unique, which means there are no cookie-cutter approaches used here at BMHSCM. Please call to speak with one of our expert team members today and receive a free assessment of your agency’s needs! 

Childcare specialist with
30+ years of experience

Solutions that support and improve your organization.

Need Help?


Here are a few common questions staff of organizations ask about about our services and business.

Our Mental Health Consultants (MHC) observe and consult to help identify developmental and/or mental health concerns, however they do not diagnose or evaluate children. The MHC offers additional support to programs and caregivers by facilitating referrals to external agencies, such as community mental health providers and local education agencies where children can be further evaluated.

No. BMHCSM provides contracted clients on-site observations of children in Early Childhood Education Programs in NY and NJ. Referrals to the local Early Intervention or Committee for Preschool Education committee are provided to staff, caregivers, or management based on analysis of observations.  BMHSCM also provided assistance with mental health referrals and transition services if necessary.

No. The services provided by BMHSCM are fee-based contracted services.  We do, however, offer free resources that can be accessed on our Resource Page.

Yes! All staff are licensed in the state in which they provide services.

Our staff undergo all mandated state and municipal clearances and background checks, which can be provided for review upon requested.

All initial Consults are free.  During the consultation we will provide you information on the types of services that best suit your needs and the associated rates for the service. 

Please contact us detailing your needs and we can discuss our service proposal and fees.